Thu | May 23, 2019

Have no mercy on road-hog cabbies!

Published:Tuesday | November 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM


As a commuter of Jamaica's very disorganised and dangerous public transportation system, I am very confused by why taxi operators are up in arms regarding the changes in the Road Traffic Act (RTA).

This is something that the current Government is doing to safeguard the travelling public from vicious and lawless individuals who, at times, drive on the opposite side of the road with a carload of passengers just to circumvent traffic. The operators, being all about the money, have no care for their passengers and just want to fulfil a quota.


Take responsibility


Why shouldn't the owners of these vehicles, who send these seemingly untrained and uncouth men (and women) out, not pay the price and take responsibility for what 'their' drivers do? They're the ones aiding and abetting the hustling these drivers are protesting to protect. It serves them right, because they can't continue with their 'foolishness' once the RTA is passed.

By all means, throw the book, handcuffs and tickets at all involved in risking the lives of people if that is what it will take to create order from the disorder that exists on the nation's streets.

Who is it that the Transport Authority is afraid of why people with 700 traffic tickets still have a licence, much less drive a taxi? We know that some of the vehicles masquerading as 'public transport' belong to high-ranking members in the police and defence force. Then what? I don't know, but every time something proper or beneficial is done for the public, especially by the Government, it is faced by protests.

If it is not the Opposition, it is the private sector and the unions/associations. But no way is this 'strike' by taxi operators in the best interest for anyone. Guh drive gud!