Sun | May 26, 2019

$6,000 per year for 'free' ReadyTV channels

Published:Monday | December 3, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I express my disappointment and disgust at the change instituted by ReadyTV in regard to the 10 'free' channels you originally offered.

When I bought the device at the introduction of the service, it was specifically because they claimed there would be 'no monthly fees'. Yet, I am now being told that I have to pay a $500 keep active fee every month.

In other words, I now have to pay J$6,000 per year in order to watch 10 'free' channels.




Where is the honesty in Jamaica? Where is the integrity in Jamaica?

The ReadyTV representative told me they had to institute a fee because "... nobody was buying the packages".

There was absolutely NO requirement to purchase packages in the original communication to consumers. Even the current commercial being aired on the ReadyTV home channel says the channels are free. Why are you charging people if the channels are free?

Shame on you, ReadyTV, and shame on you, Chris Dehring.

We obviously have no option but to pay for the 'free' channels if we wish to make use of the devices we purchased from you (in good faith). But I for one will NOT pay a monthly fee for 'free' channels.

In this particular instance, you can keep your freeness.