Fri | Jul 10, 2020

Can't have our cake and eat it

Published:Sunday | December 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM


There was a story published in The Gleaner on November 26, 2018, titled 'Values and attitudes need a reset'. "The nation's values and attitudes need to be reset and the Church has a crucial role to play in bringing this about ... ," said acting Chief Technical Director Shauna Trowers of the Ministry of National Security.

That most of us enlightened and well-thinking Jamaicans can agree on this, is not surprising.

However, when we listen carefully to society today, many who are advocating for values, good attitudes and for the Church to play its God-given role in shaping our society, turn around and condemn the Holy Bible's (the manual) use for driving the well-needed transformation.

So if sin is called out (because this is what had brought about the initial breakdown in the human race), the Church is chastised for being judgemental.

The truth is, we can't be calling upon the Church to play its part and not wanting to accept the principles of how these values and attitudes are achieved. Remember this statement from two previous ministers of national security: "Jamaican needs a divine intervention." This they declared without apology, and I doubt they're born-again believers of Jesus Christ.

We can't have our cake and eat it at the same time.