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Is sex a free-for-all?

Published:Tuesday | December 4, 2018 | 12:08 AM


In Gordon Robinson's article in The Sunday Gleaner dated December 2, 2018, and titled 'That dirty three-letter word', his argument on sexual purity seemed solid until it started to decline on personal freedom and pleasure over any regard for scriptural prohibitions.

He rightfully pointed out God's own intention for man and woman to procreate, which could only at that time be achieved through sexual relationship. ("Be fruitful and become many ..." (Genesis 1:22))

He also said that procreation cannot be the sole purpose of a sexual relationship, nor was it intended to be so (1 Corinthians 7:3) Basically, he says that both should satisfy each other's needs, or due, as some Bibles render it, not necessarily with any aim on creating offspring.

But then, he went on to say this expression of love is appropriate without any ring or marriage approval. Hebrews 13:10 says that marriage should be honourable among all and the marriage bed without defilement, for God will judge adulterers and fornicators. In other word, outside of marriage, sex is not so pure anymore.

Homosexuality is not just a sexual alternative. If one is quoting scripture, one should go the length of scripturally permissible choices.

1 Corinthians 6: 9-11 lists homosexuality, drunkenness theft, fornication and other ills from which some have been washed and sanctified, which statement would hardly have been necessary if homosexuality or other sexual options were only dependent on personal tastes and freedom.