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Treat St Thomas with respect

Published:Wednesday | December 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I had to visit my family in St Thomas recently. Travelling through Morant Bay to Seaforth, I was appalled at the state of the road. The overgrown shrubs along the road are determined to hug on both sides of the road. The 'cow' grass moves comfortably to reduce the roadway to single lane traffic; especially along the Finger Post section leading to York.

This roadway needs immediate restoration. It does not need patching; it needs real engineering work in the simplest way, and in fact, it is very easy to accomplish. St Thomas has the aggregate that can restore the roadways, by not looking at sophisticated methods, but by a simple common sense approach.

There are stones available to compact the roadway and thereafter funds could be sought to surface the roadway with asphaltic concrete, chip and spray, etc. The powers that be just need to get the best minds to make recommendations and make it happen.

The parish of St Thomas is rich in cultural heritage and should be treated accordingly. Many politicians from both parties take pleasure in declaring that their family members are from St Thomas, but have failed the parish miserably.

T. Bailey

St Thomas