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Clarifying ReadyTV cable rates

Published:Friday | December 7, 2018 | 12:00 AM


In response to a letter carried in your newspaper on Monday, please allow me to clarify the pricing of our unique prepaid pay-TV service.

After a year and a half of operations, we introduced a new price regime that included the lowering of prices for prepaid channel packages and the introduction of a 'KeepAliveFee' (KAF) of J$500. The KAF activates a ReadyTV box on our network for 30 days, allowing that customer full access to our channel offerings. This includes variety channel packages like readySET or readyGO, which has more than 30 channels each, for just J$150 a day.

To have access to international channels like ESPN, CNN, Fox Soccer Plus, Lifetime, etc, for one, seven or 30 days at a time, on demand, literally at your fingertips, is very unique in the market. So, too, is our readySTART package with at least 10 free channels, which remains without any additional charge to access.

The KAF is waived if a customer spends at least J$1,500 on packages during that 30-day period of activity, so many customers simply avoid the KAF this way. We also offer a 'buy-back' programme (conditions apply) for any customer who wishes to return their ReadyTV box.

We hope the above clarifies our pricing structure adequately. We remain the only prepaid pay-TV operator in Jamaica, and the affordable, convenient and high-quality alternative to traditional cable TV.


Co-CEO, ReadyTV