Tue | Jan 26, 2021

Harbour View vending nightmare

Published:Thursday | December 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Kingston Mayor Delroy Williams, please have the oversize truck that has set up a market on the sidewalk in front of people's homes and the side door of Shoppers Fair Supermarket on Fort Nugent Drive removed, because it occupies a large portion of the sidewalk and pedestrians are forced to walk on the busy street.

Tables/stalls are lined out with ripe bananas, papaya, breadfruit, coconut water, etc, while chairs are provided for customers waiting for their pine and cane to be peeled. The market is extremely active, so cars are parked on both sides of the street beside a JUTC bus stop, causing traffic congestion.

Letters and telephone calls to the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation, since last summer, have not helped.

Have the truck, jerk man and other vendors move to another location before the holidays, because it was awful last year. This is not a market zone. Hopefully Member of Parliament Juliet Holness and Councillor Oliver Clue will also help us.