Sun | May 24, 2020

I want a Petrojam cake for Christmas

Published:Thursday | December 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I am a grown man now, but I still have childish desires. I still relish the ideas of birthday hats, with balloons, trinkets, starlights and, most of all, a huge black forest cake. I love cakes, especially those big, sweet chocolate ones with many candles.

Nowadays, cakes come in various shapes, sizes, texture and tastes, but I have never eaten one costing US$1,000 (J$128,000). Wow! That must've been huge and lined with bronze, silver and golden filling and trimming. Those ingredients might have come from the Middle East and soaked in special wines for centuries. I can just imagine the cost of shipping and handling.

While our politicians feast on expensive cakes, our poor and most vulnerable die of the lack of the most basic necessities. The rich have certainly smothered themselves in the taxes of the poor and continually appeal to satisfy their glut.

All I want for Christmas is a slice of that gold-filled cake, topped with cherries and whipped cream.