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Letter of the Day | Mandeville Hospital run down to a wreck

Published:Friday | December 7, 2018 | 12:00 AM


With utmost disgust and disappointment, I write with a heavy heart about the conditions of Mandeville Hospital. I am from Manchester, and when I saw that beautiful building I was impressed, so when I came to Jamaica, I was happy to see the structure.

Recently, I was back in Jamaica and had to take two family members to the hospital. On entering the facility, I was totally floored. The walls were dirty, floors not clean, and it smelled like a hospital.

When I took my little nephews to the emergency room, I saw 15 patients, most with drip apparatus attached with nothing coming, because they were empty and appeared to have blood on the reverse. Nurses were walking nonchalantly back and forth, not concerned one bit.

My nephew, who has been throwing up, was in so much pain. I tried to get the nurses' attention, but to no avail. He fainted in my arms. I rushed him inside an office, where I realised a female doctor had no sense of urgency. She proceeded to take his vitals and put a drip in his arm, although she could not find a stand to hang the drip bag.


Unprofessional nurses


Those nurses were the most unprofessional, uncaring, unsympathetic human beings who, I presume, took an oath to care for those who need help.

I saw a lady come inside with a little girl who was having an asthma attack. She could not breathe, and although I had a situation with my family, I cried out to one nurse, "Can you please help that little girl?" She looked at me with disdain and continued on her leisurely stroll.

I took my nephew to the bathroom and there was no toilet paper, no paper towels, and just a trickle from the faucet. Urine and faeces were all over.

Mandeville Hospital is just a building to look at on the outside. Step inside, it's a dump. And all those self-serving, arrogant, doctors and nurses who took that oath should be ashamed of themselves and shouldn't be allowed in any institutions that treat sick people.