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Victoria Jubilee restored my faith

Published:Sunday | December 9, 2018 | 12:00 AMColleen Williams



I am writing today to share my recent experience surrounding the birth of my grandson at Victoria Jubilee Hospital in early September, an experience that deserves public recognition.

My daughter-in-law had been in labour with her first child for more than 36 hours. The baby was in the birth canal, but, for some reason, wouldn't come out. Our doctor recommended that we go to Victoria Jubilee Hospital, which we did, with much trepidation, given the horror stories we have all heard about the public health sector.

The female porter and security guard quickly got us inside to the Admissions Desk. it was the registry clerk, Tamara Stewart, who has restored my faith in the public healthcare system. She was both kind and professional, quickly extracting the information needed to admit my daughter-in-law, while also allaying our fears.

While my daughter-in-law was being admitted on the ward, I had the opportunity to observe Ms Stewart interact with other persons who were checking in for delivery, and her kind, calming mannerisms were the same for everyone she dealt with.

Victoria Jubilee doesn't allow fathers to be present at the birth, so my son couldn't be with his spouse, but Ms Stewart assured us that we would be in good hands. I want to commend the efforts of Nurse A. Brissett, Nurse N Taylor and Nurse T. Tyrell, as well as Dr Anderson, who were, in my opinion, instrumental in saving the life of my daughter-in-law and my grandson.

It turned out that my daughter-in-law had a rare complication that required an emergency Caesar an section, and as a result of the difficult labour, my grandson had to spend some time in the Intensive Care Unit.

We also found the staff in the ICU to be really supportive in helping both the baby and the parents overcome the challenges of the stressful birth event.


Grateful Grandmother