Fri | Jul 19, 2019

Crack down on corruption

Published:Wednesday | December 12, 2018 | 12:00 AM


In April of this year I wrote to you regarding curbing corruption and cronyism. My letter was published on April 14.

My recommendations then were simple, and I will repeat them, as they are even more relevant today:

1. All public-sector boards of directors have appointees where the chairman and three members are selected by the governing party, but three members are also selected by the Opposition and three by civil society.

2. Persons chosen to serve must have RELEVANT expertise.

3. No public-sector board should have an executive chairman, as this puts too much power in the hands of one individual and the possibility for checks and balances is reduced.

4. All public-sector bodies, including public-sector companies and statutory bodies, should be required to publicise their quarterly reports on their operations and accounts as is done for public companies on the stock exchange, and these be published on their website, which should be updated regularly.