Sat | Aug 17, 2019

Those sleeping policemen of Liguanea and Papine

Published:Saturday | December 15, 2018 | 12:38 AMGarfield Whyte


Driving through Liguanea and Papine is extremely treacherous. Let’s start at the Hope Road entrance for Sovereign heading towards Matilda’s Corner. The taxis stop to pick up and let off passengers at that Sovereign entrance. Again, they stop at the entrance to Lane Plaza, which is just a few feet from the bus stop by Scotiabank Liguanea branch.

Despite having a little lay-by at the bus stop by Scotiabank Liguanea, the taxi drivers never seem to pull off the road to allow other motorists to drive unimpededly. That short stretch of road is such a nightmare.

The same occurs by the entrance at the University of Technology right through that stop light turning left, just before one turns on to Gordon Town Road.

On the way back down to Liguanea, we witness again a nightmare with those taxi drivers who stop indiscriminately by the RUBiS station, Mother’s restaurant, and by Tastee.

There never seem to be any traffic police on duty in Liguanea or Papine to ensure that these terror taxi drivers cease to create mayhem every day of the week.

So often we blame the taxi drivers, but also at the heart of this is the indiscipline of the  passengers, who request to be picked up or let out everywhere except the designated bus stops. This level of indiscipline demands that the traffic police be visible in Liguanea and Papine.

They have been sleeping on the job for a very long time.