Fri | May 29, 2020

Get guns from crooks

Published:Sunday | December 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I would like to convey my gratitude and commend the Opposition for having voted against the renewing of the states of emergency (SOEs). Thank the Lord, finally, good sense has prevailed.

Our marginalised youths who are most prone to be hauled away and left to the mercies of the security forces must be rejoicing. The SOEs have been having a negative impact on the economy, wherein the small business people have had to close shop very early in these communities. I can't imagine their relief. 'Dem can eat a food.'

I would also like to commend the prime minister, minister of security, and the minister of justice on taking the initiative on getting the jail cells improved for our citizens. Thanks for listening to the masses.

I strongly believe that inhumane treatment will cause serious ramifications in the future, including breeding more crime monsters.

The prime minister and all stakeholders should not look only at crime-fighting strategies, but also crime prevention. There's great need for social intervention in these communities.

Until we get the guns out of the hands of the murderers, it will be a challenging task.


Old Harbour, St Catherine