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No response to Christmas wish for NCB loan

Published:Saturday | December 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM


So NCB has their grant a wish programme this year. I sent a message via Facebook with my wish.

My wish was written as follows.

'I am responding in regard to your grant a wish Christmas promotion. I am not looking for anything free. I would just love to get an unsecured loan for up to 3 million. With an interest rate like your mortgage loan or even up to 8%. I would like to do some addition to my home as the ceiling in my front room is falling down in chunks and my son is in that room. So I'm afraid he may get hit in the head while he sleeps. I am paying for the land which is in my father's name but the process to get a mortgage loan is so strenuous. I have had a loan with you which has been cleared but I took another loan to clear yours. So I would love to close those off and just have the one with money to do renovations. I don't know who will even read this but I hope it is seen by the CEO and considered. This is not just for me but for my two children as well. Thanks.'

I then got a response:

'Sorry for the delayed response.

Are you interested in grant a wish or unsecured loan?


To which I responded:

'Well my wish is to get an unsecured loan for Christmas with a manageable interest rate. That I would appreciate.'

This was from December 12. I have not got any response since. I figured it was a long shot to send that message; however, it is hard to think that when you do business with entities certain requests cannot be considered. They have nothing to lose. The loan is insured. They benefit from it even if you die. Interest rates don't have to be so high that simply living is hard to do. Government workers always get better benefits than the private sector worker and a lot of the times the private sector workers make a bigger contribution to society on a whole. Donkey seh wurl nuh level.

M Gaynor

Montego Bay, St James