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Letter of the Day | Hold Gov't, agencies accountable for roadwork fiasco

Published:Monday | January 7, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I live and work in Kingston. My work and daily activities happen to be different from most of my friends, colleagues , and the general Kingston travelling public. This provides me with a welcome advantage where I am able to schedule my drive time around peak traffic periods, and, for the most part, select my driving routes.

On the night of Friday, December 4, I was out with friends, and when we finally decided to cut and head home, I decided to take the shortest route.

That route had me traversing Constant Spring Road, including that section between Dunrobin Avenue and Shortwood Road, and man, was I shocked!

The words I spoke to myself while struggling through the unsightly, messy hazard, I cannot repeat here. I felt insulted, ashamed, and bitterly angry at the 'surface' on which I was 'forced' to drive.

I am aware that road-construction activities will bring inconveniences, but I am even more sure that this can be far better handled. I am sure - and can reference - far greater road-construction activities in other jurisdictions with minimal inconvenience and none of this mess.


No regard for the people


The construction mess suggests that the entities handling this project, the National Works Agency, China Harbour, and the Government of Jamaica, are operating with little or no regard for the general Kingston populace.

I am even more upset at the fact that a foreign company, in China Harbour, is allowed to operate with such crude disregard and disrespect for the Jamaican people. I hope we all will hold the Government and the relevant oversight entities, such as the NWA, fully responsible for this backward and gravely disturbing fiasco being passed for professional conduct.

If we allow the Government of Jamaica a pass on this, what then should we expect of business operators and the general population? This country would eventually descend into a big, glorified mess.

'Pardon our Progress' is usually a sign we accept while we manoeuvre around acceptable inconveniences. This project, however, may be properly served with signs saying 'Pardon our Disrespect'.

We the people need to take a stand and demand that those we pay to serve do serve. I make my demand here.