Fri | Feb 21, 2020

Appalled by Tell Me Pastor advice

Published:Wednesday | January 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I am writing to you regarding a Tell Me Pastor article published on Page 22 of the December 13-19, 2018 edition of the UK Weekly Gleaner. The article in question is in relation to one of your readers who was raped by a biker.

I am absolutely disgusted with the advice given by the pastor. He is obviously using his personal beliefs to advise a woman who has clearly been tortured and raped. How dare he advise her to bear the child then give it up for adoption?

He should have restricted his advice to:

- Report the rape to the police.

- Go to a hospital for blood tests (HIV/AIDS).

- Locate details from her friends regarding the identity of the rapist. If they refuse, they will be perverting the course of justice and should be charged.

- Consider the option of having an abortion, not to 'bear the child' in a world of misery knowing your father is a 'rapist'.

That poor woman does not need to suffer anymore with a reminder of that day by bearing a child. I am appalled by the Rev Aaron Dumas' response.

Not once has he mentioned the perpetrator and how he should be caught.

His response appears to be condoning the violent behaviour of this worthless rapist.

Rev Dumas needs to be more sympathetic and show empathy in these cases, as this could have been his daughter or niece.