Fri | Jul 19, 2019

We need a change of attitude

Published:Thursday | January 10, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I consider myself a Jamaican, although not by birth and residence.

Having spent some 15 of my 50 years in Jamaica, I recall growing up in a rural community where we did not have much, but we all had hope and pride.

During my last visit to the island, I was really disappointed at what I perceived as the 'can't do' and 'standby and wait' attitude of a significant part of the community.

As someone who was raised by born-again Christian parents, I recalled a family ethos of "God help those who help themselves" and not one of "do nothing and pray about".

Sadly, too many good hard-working - and some Christian - Jamaicans are sleepwalking into oblivion, as they are expecting manna from Heaven or the Government, and police to sort what have been historical systemic problems, most of which derived from our slavery past.

It is about time that all should take their heads out of the clouds and become each other's keeper and help the police to rid the island of the few 'bad apples' who besmirch the good name and reputation of the beautiful island, instead of waiting and commentating on how bad things are.

In the words of a wise person, "Evil can only prosper when good people stand around and do nothing".

The country doesn't need another commentator. Instead, we need initiators and motivators, as the people have the power to start something special instead of sitting around complaining.

I would also encourage change to the criminal justice system, as it takes forever to get a case through court, so there is no real punitive sanction.

J. Williams