Mon | Jul 15, 2019

Coronation Market poorly managed

Published:Monday | January 14, 2019 | 12:00 AM



As an avid patron of Coronation Market, I am very disappointed with the manner in which the facility is being managed by the relevant authorities. The newly refurbished market seems to be a free-for-all, to do whatsoever they choose to do.

Vendors are constantly creating more space for themselves by constantly building on what they were given without getting any permission from the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation. This illicit activity has to be curtailed before it reaches crisis proportions.

The market looks like it needs to be refurbished again.

The building already looks derelict and it is just a few years since its renovation. The structure has depreciated in value considerably over time because of the misuse of the facility by the occupants. It is beyond Mayor Delroy Williams' capacity to intervene; we will have to call upon the man in charge of the West Kingston, Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie.

Coronation Market is an eyesore to the public.


Greater Portmore