Mon | Dec 9, 2019

Shame on 'licky-licky' PNP!

Published:Monday | January 14, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I have taken note of the Opposition spokesperson on foreign affairs' view that Jamaica's OAS vote against Venezuela was reprehensible. But what was reprehensible about the Government's action?

Is Lisa Hanna aware of what is taking place in that country? Recently, the chief justice of that country had to flee, stating that he could not conscientiously swear in a man who gained power illegitimately.

President Nicol·s Maduro has brought suffering on the nation with hyperinflation and capital flight.

Am l to understand that because Maduro's predecessor, Hugo Ch·vez, offered Jamaica generous terms under the PetroCaribe pact, the Holness Government should turn a blind eye to the rape of that country's democracy? Our conscience ought not to be bought out with oil diplomacy.

Shame on you, Lisa Hanna! It is clear where both parties stand: The PNP stands for 'licky-licky', while the JLP stands for principle.