Sun | May 31, 2020

Lisa Hanna talking nonsense!

Published:Sunday | January 13, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I find Lisa Hanna's outrage against the Government's stance against the Maduro regime laughable and foolhardy. The fact is that Nicolas Maduro has turned Venezuela into a failed state.

Venezuela, a former oil rich country, boasting one of the largest oil reserves in the world, is now struggling for survival. Its economy is now in shambles, with hundreds of thousands fleeing to neighbouring countries to find refuge, coupled with the suppression of human rights and the fixing of elections.

To say that the Government has acted irresponsibly by failing to support Venezuela, by voting with the majority of Organization of American States members in refusing to legitimise the Maduro regime, is utter rubbish. The fact is that wrong is wrong! We must call a spade a spade!

I commend the Government for having the gonads to stand up against the tyranny of dictators like Maduro and his ilk. I pray that the mealy-mouthed PNP apologists will finally find the guts to join the Government in condemnation of the Maduro regime.