Mon | Feb 17, 2020

Rethink bypass for Lucea, please

Published:Tuesday | January 22, 2019 | 12:24 AM


As someone who was born Lucea, Hanover, I am taken aback by an article on January 10 in another newspaper, titled ‘We disagree’, highlighting a proposal by the local People’s National Party (PNP) councillors to embrace the move of having a bypass for Lucea.

I think this is a retrograde stance by the authorities to make that move, wherein the town will actually take many steps backward.

Lucea will be a ghost town in short order, and practically all of us will be affected by these unplanned, unbecoming system of actions.

A foreshore plan is the best plan to get us out of this quagmire that we seem to be merrily walking into blindfolded. All the tourists will bypass our little town, and we will never again figure prominently among leaders in the tourist trade.

Lucea will definitely lose its energy and we will no longer have an influx of tourists to have even marginal growth in our living standards. Tourists will never again experience the warm ambience of the Lucea locals because of the bypass road. The beautiful Fort Charlotte, with its captivating, magnificent and resplendent scenic look, will be lost to visitors forevermore.