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Letter of the Day | Is this the metamorphosising of Cricket West Indies?

Published:Friday | February 8, 2019 | 10:03 AM


Cricket West Indies has been in the doldrums for a protracted timeframe, and it seems like no form of ­injection or intervention, external or ­internal sources, could propel growth and development. The critics could be wrong this time around because Cricket West Indies now seems to be on an upward trajectory.

We envy other nations and their constant metamorphosising into stronger units while we are ­constantly delving in limbo. Who is not on the bandwagon yet can still get a seat because there is ample space for everyone who wants to come on board to be a ‘waggonist’. Most people are yet to be convinced that we are out of the rut.

We have changed the old guards and are looking to beat the best of the best in world cricket ­convincingly now. What we need now is the killer instinct and the courage to remain positive and calm at all times. We need to stop the insularity in the region and build on the true best potentials and talents of the stalwarts who will make us proud once more.

The selectors did a reasonably good job in picking the side. The omission of Jamaican Oshane Thomas is the only bad selection error. Too many persons are being picked from Barbados to represent the region.

The naysayers are convinced that we will not come convincingly good again, but this crop of players is here to prove them wrong. For the first time in many decades, we have had tear-away pacers of the past generations. The generation gap has been closed, it seems.

Cricket West Indies president Dave Cameron must be ­counting his fortunes to see under his watch that the tables have been turned. Who let the dogs out? Our fast bowlers in the past caused the ­introduction of the helmets. I ­wonder if we are going to cause the invention of something new. We are going to sting flesh and grow into standard-bearers of ­excellence for future generations to enjoy.


Greater Portmore