Thu | Sep 19, 2019

Thank you, RJR

Published:Friday | February 8, 2019 | 10:03 AM


A few years ago, RJR, the big 94, did a good job in bringing us excerpts from the famous ‘Dulcimina’ story, which used to be aired every weekday. That was so good and refreshing.

We would welcome also some clips of these past programmes:

-Pipeline’, hosted by the late Neville Willoughby

-Commentary’, hosted by the late Earl Nightingale and also by the late Peter Abrahams

-In the Public Interest’, moderated by the late Ken Maxwell

-At the Clinic’, moderated by Peter Maxwell

- The World at Eight’, hosted by Vivian Burke

- Exposure’, hosted by the late David Ebanks

Lastly, it would be a delight for us to hear the voices, once again, of these radio personalities: Desmond Chambers, Megan Thomas, Norda Madison, John Wilkins (once a JBC staff member), Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Deans, Ronnie Logan, David Burnham, Cecile Wilson, Hazel Monteith, Carlington Sinclair, and the list goes on.

Big up to RJR, the big and ­powerful 94.