Thu | Jan 23, 2020

Basic amenities for police stations

Published:Thursday | February 14, 2019 | 12:15 AM


After rapping with a female police officer on Tuesday, I was moved to highlight a discomforting problem faced by the district constable at her workplace by the Half-Way Tree Police Station.

The problem was that of not having running water in the latrines to relieve herself every so often, along with having to share the non-functioning bathroom with male district constables. Probing questions as to her medical problem had her describing day-to-day activities while at work that made her condition worse. Prescribed medication causes her to have more frequent urination.

We are a flexible people (‘tek bad tings mek joke’), yet there is a standard to be maintained, whatever the reason. We are a people with brilliant minds who can solve all our problems. More than sun, sand, sea, sex, and now ‘sensimenia’ is going on locally. The Third World mentality is now geriatric and needs deportation. Basic amenities in government-run buildings are non-negotiable.


Medical Student (UWI)