Wed | Apr 8, 2020

The dangers of a frail ego

Published:Thursday | February 14, 2019 | 12:14 AM


I think Jamaican males, in general, are handicapped by a very frail and undeveloped psyche, which seems to account for most of the crude and reckless murders sweeping the country. This is not in direct relation to the recent killing of the St Thomas councillor – because one has no details on that – but there is enough evidence to form a safe conclusion that the majority of the murders committed in the country accompany this reflex urgency of action over reason.

Someone is hurt either by what you say or by looking at them too long, or some similar childish motive, and he isn’t grown up enough to smile it away or rise above the perceived insult. Instead, he chooses to pay back by inflicting physical injury for his emotional wound. It happens every time in Jamaica – this littleness of spirit and a constricted view of life that magnifies all things beyond proportion. Quite a very serious matter where you have strong and full-grown men walking around with a very weak and fragile ego – a dangerous combination.

Homer Sylvester