Tue | Mar 31, 2020

Harbour View vending nightmare

Published:Thursday | February 14, 2019 | 12:14 AM


Even though the vendors with the wooden stalls and blue tarpaulin on Fort Nugent Drive have moved to the Seashore Place market location, the oversized truck vendor who has the Heywood Street-type market – which deprives pedestrians of a large portion of the sidewalk, putting them at risk on this busy main street – is still there. The optic is deplorable, cutting coconuts, peeling cane and pine, causing traffic problems every day, except Thursdays, until after 11 p.m. It is a total disgrace!

The questions being asked are: why is he allowed to continue this illegal vending while the others had to move? Is he paying market fees at this location? Because we are paying property tax!

This is a simple case, so we are asking the mayor, after two years of writing letters and phone calls, why can’t the KSAMC just have him remove his market to a location other than our main street and in front of homes? Mrs Juliet Holness, our member of parliament, please note that the condition still exists so we need your help as soon as possible because, certainly, other vendors who see this market still doing very good business will return.

Concerned Resident