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Letter of the Day | Please improve healthcare system

Published:Friday | February 15, 2019 | 12:00 AM


This country of Jamaica has been independent for the past 56 years and has gone a long way based on history. I love my small island of Jamaica. Its beautiful sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and the friendly people who live on it. I am hurt and saddened to live day by day and watch how the health system is crumbling.

I work at a Type A hospital on our island, and it saddens me to see the depreciation of the system. As each day passes, I watch low-income persons suffer to receive proper treatment at the hospital due to inadequate facilities.

The workers are overburdened by the high patient load and inadequate working facilities. Thus, patients come and sit for hours waiting to receive care.

The Accident & Emergency Unit should be one that facilitates a large number of patients who have suffered trauma and emergency, but the one I am faced with daily has a small number of beds along with limited walking space. It’s as if we are walking on patients since the hallways are filled with beds, and patients are sitting on chairs. Persons have died from sitting and waiting for treatment due to no bed available. I want to know what our Government is doing about it.

I am hurt to see both the Opposition and the leading party fight over what went wrong at the hospitals instead of working together to resolve the situation quickly.

They are even hiring outside of the country because due to the lack of proper working conditions, our countrymen and women are leaving for foreign countries.

It hurts me to know that when the politicians are ill, they have the ability to fly to other countries for treatment instead of working to better our facilities so that they can receive proper treatment in our country. I watch on a daily basis as our specialist nurses and doctors leave because of the lack of facilities and even appreciation.

I am asking that Government look into making our healthcare system better so that everyone can receive the proper care needed.