Tue | Feb 18, 2020

Put some rails on Flat Bridge

Published:Friday | February 15, 2019 | 12:10 AM


The flatness of Flat Bridge can be transformed into heights of fortification, attractiveness, and economic benefits. The tragedies associated with the bridge, owing to its flatness and the devious river, invoke immeasurable fear among commuters.

The fact that some vehicles have fallen over the bridge while being driven normally has shrouded the area with deep mystery. Some vehicles have not been recovered, and some surmise that they were pulled, rather than fell over.

Why aren’t rails affixed to the bridge? I was told that rails would not be a sensible or feasible move because of the its structure. Whatever the reason, it seems that Jamaica is resigned to the flatness despite the numerous catastrophic incidents.

I propose suspended rails.

The rails should be sturdily aligned closely to the bridge for fortification. The structural, artistic designs of the rails should be attractively done to facilitate picturesque banners and other items. The top bar on either side could be connected to facilitate a platform to showcase standing artwork and wind-operated gadgets.

The gallery could facilitate attractive images of eminent Jamaicans and special aspects of our culture and billboards. The area should be designated a beauty spot, which should enhance the tourism offering. The economic benefits could far exceed the construction cost.

The four vertical bars (affixed to the top bar) and the bar at the base would bear the weight of the rails. The foundation columns should be drilled into the elevated embankments across the roadway to optimise the gallery area. All components should be built using the most appropriate materials.

Pedestrian paths could be constructed, on both sides, using this suspension principle.

The additional requirements are two sets of rails that would facilitate further beautification. Visitors could pay to affix their signatures along with the date. Some sentry post(s) should be erected to monitor operations.

Maybe another lane for motorists could be suspended.


Frankfield P.O., Clarendon