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Something is wrong if bees are dying

Published:Friday | February 15, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I have been watching each day the dying of our (Jamaican) honey-bees ever since I visited St Thomas. I am angry that this is happening, knowing the crucial role honey-bees play in our food source. I see them falling to the ground and crawling around during the day. One night, after the fogger left the area, again, I noticed more bees on the ground and crawling in the house helplessly!

When I pointed out my observation to relatives and friends, they told me it was the fogging that was causing it. They also told me that bees had become very scarce, and you could hardly find honey. One exclaimed that someone they knew lost all their bees and had to relocate his new hive to a more remote area where fogging was not taking place.

I am not sure of the chemical that’s being used or its safety for humans and other animals. I know this is being done to get rid of the mosquitoes. I know in Hawaii, for instance, they do fogging for the entire island, basically, every day, and they have lots of farmlands, but I don’t ever recall the bees being killed.

So just maybe, the Government needs to speak with the governor of that state to know the difference in the chemicals, if any, because something is definitely wrong. The worst case is that we all end up with some form of cancer due to all of this.

If bees are dying, then something is wrong!