Tue | Feb 18, 2020

The falling of the Church

Published:Monday | February 18, 2019 | 2:00 AM


When the pillars of a religious organisation have consistently become so compromised and vitiated by sexual impropriety, what is the moral leadership for its members? It is quite strange that even though Christians have no business in politics – “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18: 36) – that Jesus assured his followers that those who steer the political life of a country could be so beset by their own unholy millstone, that they still push onward in their course of action as if nothing was wrong. It is true that no organisation should justly be tarnished by the deviance of any of its members, but when so-called bedrocks of the faith are so implicated in sexual misconduct as seen in the Catholic Church, one wonders if the tree is not also the forest, and how a religion can be responsible for cultivating men with such fickle integrity. The standards of any organisation and a commitment to its ideas should at least provide some basis for hope and relative trust, but most of the religions parading in society at the helm of national life are devoid of trust. They preach and are so bent on effecting repair work, while the house is falling, that the Bible is diluted.One is in constant amazement at their jocund mood to bridge this gap between the Word and hope, and reconciling a State in darkness with light.