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Respect for our national hero!

Published:Thursday | February 21, 2019 | 12:12 AM

February 24 will mark the birth of Jamaica’s first prime minister and founder of the Jamaica Labour Party, Sir Alexander Bustamante. This year marks 135 years since his birth.

Around this time, many flock to the home of Sir Alexander to have a grand celebration; however, what happens to the home and birth of this icon when the music stops?

The road leading to the community of Blenheim in Hanover, the birthplace of Sir Alexander, is one of utmost disgrace. For years, talk of improving just the very road to honour the late PM has not materialised. The community only receives running water this time each year.

I beseech the Government and public to use this birthday celebration in a different manner from just being a one-day celebration, but, instead, a partnership with this community. I am recommending that the Government, in honouring our national hero, address the road situation in the community and provide running water – and not just for the month of February.

Christopher Johnson

Minister of Religion