Tue | May 21, 2019

A call to recognise our nation’s teachers

Published:Tuesday | March 5, 2019 | 12:18 AM


It is with great humility that I express my dissatisfaction in the way our nation’s teachers are being treated. We must first understand that unlike children, teachers, too, are one of the driving forces and cornerstone of any society.

Today, not much is being done to recognise the outstanding contributions of many teachers who have devoted their time, energy and patience in moulding minds. There are little and sometimes no support given from the school they work and very little support coming from the Government.

Our teachers are left in the dark!

The teacher has several roles in and out of the classroom and the truth is, there are teachers today who are taking on parents’ responsibilities. There are teachers who are committed, hard-working and determined to see a change in education and behaviour.

There are also teachers who go to the extra mile just to make it happen, but do we really care as a society? Are we appreciative?

Points to ponder; but I believe we are not. Teachers have worked in hostile environments with little or no resources, lack of support and motivation; in an effort to make education a reality for students.

I urge that as we embark on our annual Teachers’ Day exercise, we do more for our nation’s teachers. Don’t just recognise them annually, but weekly, daily and hourly.

Teachers represent change. They are a strong source of hope for future generations; motivate them and recognise their stalwart contribution to national development.


Student Church Teachers’ College