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Letter of the Day | Yes! Martin Henry is for real!

Published:Wednesday | March 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Responding to a letter penned by Claire Clarke, ‘concerned citizen’, to The Gleaner dated March 2, 2019 asking, and I quote, “Is Martin Henry for real?” I will lay out some facts for you to ponder.

Matter of fact, Martin Henry is not the only one who has seen, known or heard of the great things happening which can no longer be hidden or denied by anyone with a clear conscience.

Based on information available:

n Is Jamaica in a better place than three years ago financially? Yes.

n Is Jamaica in a better place socially than three years ago? Yes.

n Is Jamaica’s prime minister a better leader than the one we had up to February 25, 2016? Yes, by a million miles.

n Are the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Jamaica Defence Force better equipped than three years ago? Yes.

n Is the level of economic growth better than three years ago? Yes.

n Are more housing solutions available at the National Housing Trust at a cheaper rate than three years ago? Yes.

n Are healthcare and education cheaper and more improved than three years ago? Yes.

n Are there jobs, jobs, jobs and better opportunities than three years ago. Yes. Look at the Housing, Opportunity, Production and Employment programme.

- Is crime down? Yes.

- Is murder down? Yes.

- Is employment up? Yes, the highest in Jamaica’s history, stated by the PIOJ.

- Is there mass visible work taking place across the country which will benefit all? Yes.

- Has there ever been a time when so many nationally important infrastructure is being built out or upgraded at the same time? I doubt it, but if there was, it would be under Hugh Shearer or Edward Seaga’s government.

Go research it, don’t take my word for it.


Try as you and others might to deny the scope of improvement and advancements made in Jamaica since February 26, 2016 by this current Jamaica Labour Party Government in just three years, it cannot stick. The proof is too outstanding to continuously deny.

Additionally, persons and students in need are placed on the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education, getting greater levels of help as promised on time. Who made all those possible?

When the leaders from CARICOM, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Forbes Magazine, ACP Nations, G20 and G7 international organisations and groupings of mega nations are all commenting and commending our prime minister openly for his vision and the rapidity and solidity of the work being done across Jamaica, that speaks volumes, and rebukes those like you who willingly choose not see the facts.