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Letter of the Day | Would Jamaica adopt the stance of the Cayman Islands?

Published:Friday | March 8, 2019 | 12:32 AM


There is a new development in the Caribbean as it relates to the imposition of the gay lifestyle on member states of the British Empire. The Cayman Islands were given a ­certain ultimatum: to yield or be pressured to embrace the same-sex philosophy being practised in United Kingdom and many other European territories.

The directives being suggested to pursue this lifestyle are outlandish and hard-handed – to really tell a country that they must yield to such a despicable practice or they would face sanctions is heartrending.

Although the less powerful countries, like the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, do not have any ­economic or political might, by any stretch of the imagination, we do have dignity and national pride. We would prefer to “die with our dignity” as calypsonian Singing Sandra would say.

The relevant persons of ­authority in the Cayman Islands have rejected the proposal, and rightly so. In a release from the Cayman Islands, they have declared that if the United Kingdom (UK) wants to forcibly impose such directives, they would have no alternative but to seek independence.

This bullying of states of lesser economic standing must be stopped. These countries must be given latitude to breathe fresh air and not that polluted, miserable lifestyle being practised by these powerful nations.

Recently, we discovered that the Government doesn’t have a clue as to how to stem bullying in schools. How then are we going to stop ­bullying on the international stage?


It would be interesting to see how Jamaica’s political directorate would react to these new ­developments at the expense of the Jamaican people, who are ­definitely not stoic on the ­matter. If the Jamaican people are ­persuaded, they would still be of the same opinion, and it would be a travesty of justice.

If we are caught in a similar ­situation like the Cayman Islands, would we go against the will of the Jamaican people to suit the whims and fancies of powerful countries like the United Stated (US) and the United Kingdom?

The leadership of our country from both parties, speaking from an objective, apolitical stance, is puny in their thinking and are yes-men to the US and the UK in everything they do. We shall see what mettle the lawmakers in our current Parliament of today’s Jamaica are made of, or are they as defiant and protective of the Jamaican people as our former prime minister, the people’s ­servant, Bruce Golding.

Our incumbent MPs must ­listen to the grouses of the ­electorate to come to a final decision or have a mutual feeling toward the ­psyche of our people and not act like charlatans.


Greater Portmore