Fri | May 24, 2019

Opportunities for marketing are everywhere

Published:Friday | March 8, 2019 | 12:32 AM


In life, we simply must ‘tek bad things and mek laugh’. This means having a new perspective on our situation and transforming that sad landscape into a fruitful, productive vale. In trying situations, we develop new life skills, and when we review our present journey, we are amazed.

There is much to market in terms of service delivery to the world. If you live in a troubled, war-torn environment, chances are you have matured. You could lead dispute ­resolution and peace ­management ­consultations worldwide.

You could offer your home as a base to international security chiefs for their training of recruits and have a steady income stream. It solves your problem for social security and could save limb and life of yourself, family, and ­members of your community.

The specialist network of morgue management, arrangements for burial and the accompanying coping activities such as set-ups, nine-nights, grave diggings, and funerals is an industry that has a practical, cultural, religious, medical, healing, ­creative, and nutrition offering for a ­targeted worldwide audience.

All-night prayer meetings and vigils even provide openings for networking as well as spiritual development. Fashion and media products, pins, programmes, and pastors abound. Transport operators (bus and taxi) respond rapidly in the fray. Who does not need a shoulder to lean on in times of grief? If you live in a country with a frightening murder rate, you are best marketed as a trauma expert who could be flown to any city and offer resolve.

One just has to turn our problems upside down and write some more books about our unique experiences. Let’s get the marching bands out!