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Let’s continue praying for Dorraine

Published:Tuesday | March 19, 2019 | 12:14 AM


We deeply regret the fact that our beloved veteran broadcaster – and a long-standing member of the RJR/GLEANER Communications Group – the gorgeous and jovial Dorraine Samuels, has fallen ill and has to discontinue her regular show on RJR ‘Dorraine’s Coffee Break’.

We lament the fact, too, that she is no longer anchoring Television Jamaica’s nightly news.

But the good news is that Jamaica is praying for Dorraine Samuels, and we are keeping our hope alive and positive, that by God’s mercy and enabling grace, she will recuperate as quickly as possible and get back on the radio and resume her regular show because we can’t do or get along without her. We love our Doughnut!

Prayer can move mountains. And prayer (apart from the Word of God) is one of the greatest tools available to us in defeating any enemy, sickness or what may come at us.

Power of prayer

The late Dr Billy Graham said that when a man goes down on his knees, praying to his God, “that prayer is more powerful than a nuclear weapon”.

Let us also continue the intercessory prayer chain and pray for the grieving families of that mass shooting in New Zealand and for mourning family members of that Ethiopian Airlines plane tragedy that claimed the lives of 157 people.

People are certainly dying more than flies these days. These emotional pains are unbearable!