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Teachers need to be licensed

Published:Thursday | April 11, 2019 | 12:18 AM


Have you ever wondered why a particular set of students can’t read or adapt and they are in the same class as those who can? Why is it that you’re paid to teach but yet it’s not the majority that learns?

The mentality of these teachers need to change. Oftentimes you hear them say students don’t have to learn because they’re getting paid whether the child learns or not. Not all children are the same; some are fast learners, while the rest are unique learners.

As teachers, you should focus on both groups; that’s what you’re paid to do, but instead you’re the ones to belittle that unique child when you’re the ones who can’t be unique as that child.

Teachers should be protecting, teaching and building our children. Teachers should create tactics so that these unique children will learn instead of giving up on them.

Teachers went to college for four years to teach, so make the best of it. Instead of pushing those children to the side, how about trying with them. This is why I believe that teachers should be licensed because if that license is taken away from that teacher, he/she won’t be able to teach again. With knowing the penalties, they would put out more effort with these children.

NO disciplinary act

Having read the Education Act, there is no real punishment or disciplinary act for bad teachers. What about the teachers who aren’t doing their jobs, which is to educate, to ensure that all children learn. Don’t you think there should be penalties for that?

The Rev Ronald Thwaites, who was the minister of education around 2015, stated that “every child can learn, every child must learn”, but are teachers really putting this into consideration?

I implore that the Education Act should be restructured, as teachers don’t have a real punishment for not doing their jobs effectively.

They should all be licensed, as a teacher can be fired at a school at one parish and be hired shortly after at another school in another parish.

They should all have a licence that can be confiscated, with a process to get it back, instead of what is called a commission registration that is now easily accessible.