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The truth about security guards being robbed

Published:Monday | April 22, 2019 | 12:22 AM


Pertaining to your story that was brought to the public attention about security guards being robbed, it is no lie. It is even worse than you think.

I work with a security company in St Elizabeth. Other guards work and I work 12-hour shifts every day under huge amount of pressure to do work other than security work at $286 per hour.

When we are paid, we don’t get paid for all the hours. I work 144 hours and get paid for 108 hours. They also deduct from that 108 hours for NIS, NHT and education tax, which are never paid over.

They also deduct for uniform, training, gears and scanning. Scanning is a system they have put in place where if you don’t get to a specified point every 45 minutes, then they deduct $350 from the hour that you should get paid, although it’s only $286 an hour that they pay.

At the end of two long weeks, our pay is like $15,000, approximately. We are asking you to do an investigation and highlight what we are going through as we don’t have a union. If we say anything, we are immediately given less duties until fired.

Concerned security guard