Thu | May 23, 2019

Why cut the Constituency Development Fund?

Published:Thursday | April 25, 2019 | 12:20 AM


Open letter to Prime Minister Andrew Holness:

Forty million dollars was allocated initially in 2008 to the various constituencies through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), when it started, but the allocation was not even enough to cover the various needs of the 60 constituencies then.

Now the allocation has been cut into half; the constituencies are getting $20 million now. We have 63 constituencies now but the need is even greater in this current time and the various politicians are at a disadvantage.

The politicians from the ruling party will get allocations easier for their people because of red tapes facing the Opposition politicians. This is why the people from the various constituencies are at the throat of the representatives. With such small sums being given to the politicians, they are under great duress from their constituents.

The Honourable Andrew Holness, prime minister of Jamaica, must take a greater look at the situation.

We the constituents are truly dissatisfied with the preconceived notion by the prime minister about the effectiveness of the reduction in the CDF allocations. The politicians whose hands are tied are under increased pressure from the people who are not educated as to the amount of money being granted for their use. It poses a fiscal challenge to the politicians.


We would like to know that the politicians can operate with more assertiveness, but without the financial resources to carry out the various activities of the constituencies, they will continue to flop. Some politicians are trying their best, but with the meagre resource they cannot do much to help their constituents so they are always hiding from their constituents.

The most populous constituencies are getting pans with holes to carry water because there is a greater need for the infrastructure and monies in these constituencies. On the north coast, there is money being allocated in the tourist areas from the Tourism Enhancement Fund, so valuable projects can reach fruition from the timely allocations in collaboration with the CDF.