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Will the drought and water lock-offs never end?

Published:Saturday | May 11, 2019 | 12:19 AM


Some years ago (2014 or 2015) I recommended, as a part of a published plan to increase our water storage, that there exists a wooded area between the Mona Reservoir and College Common Road, which could be made into a reservoir, which I called Mona 2.

This reservoir would add roughly 250 million imperial gallons to the 809-million gallon capacity of the Mona Reservoir, or an increase of about a quarter of the capacity.

This would not be costly to build because, of the four sides of the new reservoir, one side would be Long Mountain, another side would use the existing reservoir’s eastern side; and the other two sides would be new.

With the Mona Reservoir now at less than 30 per cent of capacity AGAIN, drought being declared, and water lock-offs persist, is this an idea whose time has come?


Member of Jamaica Institution of Engineers