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Stop sharing Jack and Jill

Published:Monday | May 13, 2019 | 12:11 AM


Findings from the 2017 Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour and Practice Survey have indicated that an increasing number of Jamaicans are engaged in multiple-partner relationships.

With this finding and Mackerel’s trending expression – ‘People man nice and comfortable’ – I am certain that quite a number of our women will soon resign to maintaining relationships with men who make no secret about having other partners. In fact, I am already hearing talks about such acceptance.

“A suh it go. You know man a go always have dem bag a woman. Yuh affi just accept it,” said one market vendor to another, one afternoon as I made my way through downtown Kingston.

Right about philandering

Certainly, she is right about the philandering ways of many men. However, women, especially our young and impressionable girls, must know that all hope is not lost.

There are still men in Jamaica who are faithful to a single partner. There are also countless women who are just as faithful and will not entertain any thought of polygamy.

We may never be able to eradicate this polygamous culture, but there are several things we can do to discourage same.

First, we need to stop insulting and belittling men who are faithful to their partners. The man who refuses to flirt with you or gaze at your revealed parts is not any kind of ‘fish’. He knows virtue and honour. Leave him alone!

Second, stop lauding men, especially through our music, for having multiple partners. Promiscuity among men is just as distasteful!

Leave married men alone

Third, women need to stop countenancing men who are already in a relationship. Do not encourage them by flirting, and do not even smile at their sexually charged puns.

You are good enough to attract and maintain your own man. Believe that!

Furthermore, we have enough men, and plenty ‘needle-eye honeypots’ to go around. We all don’t need to be sharing Jack and Jill. There is nothing nice and comfortable about ‘other people man’. Get that!