Thu | Feb 27, 2020

Teachers deserve better

Published:Monday | May 13, 2019 | 12:11 AM


Teachers are expected to be the moral fabric of society, who nurture young minds and promote nation-building.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to perform one’s task as an educator, or to remain in such profession, with the limited resources and disregard for teachers well-being.

I have worked for over seven months within the public school system and yet to receive either my correct salary or the sum of money owed to me in arrears.

I have made contact with the Region Five office of the Ministry of Education, and was requested to provide my credentials and transcript for certification. Upon fulfilling this request, I was told that the process would take two to three months. It’s now nearly five months, and I am yet to get a clear response. The trips and constant calls to the ministry is frustrating and costly. The Ministry of Education should seriously consider the interest of teachers and compensate us for our hard work. This seems to be an ongoing issue and needs to be looked into urgently.