Thu | Feb 27, 2020

Bunting is like a mongoose on fire

Published:Tuesday | May 14, 2019 | 12:23 AM


Just a few years ago, Peter Bunting, in his capacity as minister of national security, was bemoaning that even with the best efforts of Jamaica’s security forces, the only solution to our national crime problem was divine intervention. I support the call for divine intervention to touch the hearts of all Jamaicans. However, fast-forward to 2019 and look at the hypocritical stance being taken by Bunting to say that the reason our crime problem is spiralling is because of failure in policy and operations of the security forces.

Just last year, a newspaper article spoke about the Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital being pressured by an increase in gun violence. The hospital staff was stretched thin, and gangsters were forcefully trying to enter the hospital to complete hit jobs, even murdering visitors outside the gates of the hospital. With public health and safety under constant threat, is this not a state of emergency?

Back in the day, we had a very interesting way of lighting our cane fields during harvesting season. They would douse a mongoose in gas or kerosene and set it loose in the fields. In a futile effort to save itself, it would run through the entire field and consequently set the field ablaze. Bunting is the epitome of a mongoose on fire. He is so focused on his own desires for party leadership that he is willing to set the country ablaze. A mongoose on fire does not care about context and space or where he is. He cares about nothing but his own salvation. Bunting is like a mongoose on fire!