Sun | Feb 16, 2020

Great effort, Meadforest

Published:Tuesday | May 14, 2019 | 12:25 AM


I would like to extend hearty congratulations to the Meadforest Football Club for a job exceptionally executed in the recently concluded KSAFA Super League competition. Newly promoted Meadforest FC was placed third overall this season.

This is a phenomenal achievement given the challenges encountered by the club over the past few years. Meadforest FC, based in the Queensborough community in St Andrew, has served hundreds of youngsters and adults alike over the past two decades, by providing them with the platform to develop their football skills while encouraging sportsmanship and community spirit among community members.

Effective change agent

In executing its objectives, the club has provided an effective and alternative medium for these members to the myriad dysfunctional behaviours and deviances that society offers them daily because of their social and economic circumstances.

Persistence and confidence are indeed the hallmarks of this club. I have never once seen them give up over all these years even in the face of hardships.

The management team is beyond committed and dedicated and never ceases to go forth and execute despite the circumstances. Their passion for the game and drive for developing the sport is unrivalled. Many of us ought to take a page from Meadforest’s book – keep fighting, focus on your path, maintain your integrity and lift your head high even in the midst of difficulties, and when you least expect it, the tide will turn in your favour. This is not an easy route to tread given that society emphasises an appetite for the quick and easy, but I guarantee that it’s the most fulfilling.

To the management team –Dal Henry, Conrad Hepburn and Karume Huie; the players; and other supporting team members, your efforts have not gone unnoticed; a job well done, indeed. You have given of your best and have inspired your fellow clubs, stakeholders, and onlookers. You are all winners.

I look forward to seeing you next season and in other upcoming events still fighting and aiming for even higher heights. I firmly believe that there are greater things to expect from this very ambitious club in the very near future.