Tue | Nov 19, 2019

Environment and water

Published:Thursday | May 16, 2019 | 1:42 AM


As summer approaches, the heat will approach 96 degrees in the shade and higher. Fewer trees equate to less conduits to replace water in the atmosphere. Do these professionals ever consider a link between a loss of the trees (natural ecosystems), the traffic, all the development, and now 25 per cent water capacity in the Mona Reservoir? Do they even care? Global warming (climate change) may be the go-to reason here; still, a tree is able to split glucose (sugar) to produce water and carbon dioxide (whether the climate changes or not), barring extreme circumstances.

When trees are removed in large numbers to give way to development, essentially a lot of wood and water are removed. The development must be balanced with natural systems more carefully for sustenance of the natural systems, or the tourism sector eventually will take a hit as our natural landscape haemorrhages. Jamaica is a relatively small island, not a continent.

It seems the vision for Jamaica meant removing a railway system (that developed nations thrived on), building highways and importing hundreds of thousands of motor vehicles. Petrojam, well, I will only mention the cost of gas. Jamaicans pay a lot for private transportation, pay for water that is not there, in an environment with fewer trees, but still 96 degrees (real hot).

When qualified personnel refuse to be firm and fair in their judgement, any decision made negatively affects the next generation. Still we march on.


(UWI Student)