Sat | Feb 22, 2020

Jamaica needs to reinstate morals, principles and values

Published:Friday | May 17, 2019 | 12:07 AM


It is with great sadness to read the news about the killing of our children, and it's appalling to know that there have not been any measures put in place by the so-called political leaders who think and feel they have authority over the people of the land.

I was born and raised there and there was no fear of walking the street. The only fear I had during my years was the dead, which realistically was a joke, as the dead has no power.

Jamaica has been infiltrated with so much foreign ideology that the people have lost their identity and uniqueness, they no longer represent who they really are. They have literally disassociated themselves from the true meaning of the national anthem and Jamaica’s mission statement as a nation. They have become so ungodly, so heartless, as they all struggle to figure out who they are.

It truly amazes me that so much intelligence among our people has made them so gullible that they fail to realise the seriousness of how they are destroying the status of our island.

Some of the misrepresentation comes from all those who claim they are in power only to be dehumanising us as a nation and to still carry out the pain of enslavement. They open loop holes to foreigners, who in turn, have imposed their own rules to further destroy the country.

These constant disappearances of our children are sacrificial benefits to those under secret orders to maintain power. The nation has become a vessel for witchcraft, obeah, and lodge because everyone wants to contain their powers. Jamaica needs to find its identity and uniqueness, reinstate its morals, principles and values or else the country will die.