Tue | Nov 19, 2019

Respect is due to the office of the PM

Published:Saturday | May 18, 2019 | 12:17 AM


A high level of respect must be shown to anyone who is appointed to sit in the seat at Jamaica House as prime minister, both from the Opposition and the people.

No matter which political party you are affiliated with, the head of the country must be seen as the captain with responsibility for the country on the international scene, and we as the citizens must work with the prime minister to build a better Jamaica for the future of the nation’s children so that they can have a beautiful home called Jamaica, where they can study, work, and have other meaningful opportunities to succeed in life.

Sometimes what I see on social media and mainstream media, the disrespectful comments about our leaders, especially the prime ­minister, is not good, and as a citizen who always has respect for any PM and all my leaders, it leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth.

We as adults must set a good example for the children to follow because if they grow up and see us doing wrong, they will do the same, but if they see us show respect to our leaders, they will do the same and we will have a better society.

Respect is not something we buy at the shop. It is something we must grow with and give honour to.

Many years ago, respect was the order of the day here in Jamaica but not anymore.

Finally, to our leaders in the House of Representatives, I am a member of a school PTA committee and serve on other school boards, and one thing I teach my students is discipline and how to have respect for our leaders and others who they see every day, so please, for heaven’s sake, stop turning Parliament into a marketplace. I call on you, the Speaker of the House, to have a better handle on the House to show the nation how serious you are.