Tue | Feb 25, 2020

JC boys need police protection

Published:Tuesday | May 21, 2019 | 12:07 AM


A group of concerned Jamaica College parents, including myself, and reportedly the school’s administration, have asked the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) for help, to no avail.

Despite several requests to provide patrols for the safety of the commuting Jamaica College students, the JCF, with the tagline to serve, reassure and protect, has not done so. Our boys are being held up after school, sometimes reportedly by gun-toting thieves, along the corridor outside the school.

When I was growing up, ‘every child mattered’ was the attitude of the adults. Broken and empty promises, or neglect by the police, may cost a child’s life or children’s lives.

We are, therefore, imploring the ­commissioner of police to intervene.


Since research of what works in policing to reduce crime has highlighted that visible police patrols can minimise felony in problem areas (Sherman and Eck 2002; Weisburd and Eck 2004), a visible police presence is needed.

School generally ends about 2:45 p.m., when some of the boys go to the bus stops to go home. Others stay for varying reasons, including extracurricular activities. Police in the immediate area until 6 p.m. would be effective and appreciated.

When a former commissioner of police lived in the same Matilda’s Corner Police Station’s coverage area, as is Jamaica College, patrols were evident in the area. I witnessed it for myself. Vehicles were apparently available or made available then, so please don’t tell us you don’t have any vehicles. Every child matters.