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Letter of the Day | Choose the right channel to invest in you

Published:Saturday | May 25, 2019 | 12:00 AM


There are many roads that can lead to financial freedom; the goal is choosing the right one. The right channels are the ones that have your best interest at heart, the ones that value you and your contribution. Investment opportunities must allow room for symbiotic relationships to be built, the kind that won’t leave you in the cold after you’ve invested much time and energy in them. The investment you make today determines how far you go tomorrow, so take time to consider various investment options.

Climb the education ladder and bridge the gap to your future. Protect your assets, as you won’t want your ideas falling into the wrong hands. Utilise your natural skills and find creative ways to attract investors. Sometimes all you need is one open door, the right investor to hear your pitch.

Make the wise move, set your proposal on the table and don’t be deterred; one out of every 10 will come on board – it’s the law of average. Remember not to put all your eggs in one basket. Keep other investors interested, form quality relationships with them and keep them close. Observation, diversification and affordability are three main ingredients to form and guide a new idea unto a platform of success.


Observe the flow of products and services on the market to see which area is best to invest in. Construct surveys to gather meaningful opinion.

You’ll also find that taking a stroll in your local supermarket will help you come up with something bigger and better. Think about what you don’t see on the market, diversifying your project means, making it unique and indispensable. This is what will set it an edge above the rest and make it marketable.

Find cost-effective solutions to create a product that is defined by quality and make it affordable to guarantee sales.

These are the key elements investors are looking for, provided that you will create the link to both local and foreign investors and be on your way to financial freedom.