Sun | Feb 23, 2020

Jamaica needs a united and strong PNP

Published:Tuesday | June 11, 2019 | 12:18 AM


The effects of the challenge issued by Peter Bunting against Dr Peter Phillips for presidency of the People’s National Party were immediately felt nationally. The feeling of disappointment and betrayal, especially among the Comrades, is almost tangible. Although opinion polls have been showing the PNP to be lagging, what has been clear to most Jamaicans is that the party has been making good strides in its effort to renew and unite under the leadership and stewardship of Dr Peter Phillips, and that the organisation is regaining its integrity and appeared to be a formidable government-in-waiting.

Our country needs a united and strong PNP.

This challenge for the leadership by Mr Bunting will certainly plunge the party into chaos and create the kind of chasms that could take years to fix.

It is no wonder that some in the PNP would question Mr Bunting’s motives at this time.

While he has a right under the constitution of the party to challenge for the leadership, he must have given thought about the impact his challenge would have on the organisation at this time. He is a man who understands financial risks, but based on this decision, Jamaica would not risk the future of the country with a man who has now demonstrated a penchant to destroy his own organisation for what I believe to be selfish reasons.

During the last two years, the party has been moving away from uniting around a personality, instead coalescing around a set of core principles on which the organisation was founded: a move that would strengthen the party and ensure that as many supporters get a chance to use their skills and ability to serve the country.

And, more importantly, it allows members of parliament to vote on bills or take decisions based on their conscience.

Perhaps it is this renewed democracy that has empowered Mr Bunting.